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Eight Wild New Foie Gras Creations in Chicago

With its equal-parts proclivity for both savory and sweet applications, foie gras is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen, a sentiment that Chicago chefs and pastry chefs have taken to heart in recent years. Band of Bohemia: Affectionately nicknamed the “foie-sicle,” the foie gras fudgesicle at Band of Bohemia may very well be […]

Mother’s Day Dining Guide 2016

Mother’s Day Dining Guide 2016   Mother’s Day is a serious matter. Not only for the obvious fact that it’s important to show your mom how much you care for her and appreciate her, but it’s pretty much the Super Bowl of brunch. As the biggest brunch holiday of the year, it’s pivotal you get […]

Foods You Need to Eat This Super Bowl Sunday

Eat This Super Bowl Sunday     The Super Bowl is around the corner and restaurants are kicking off game day food and drink specials galore. Foods You Need to Eat This Super Bowl Sunday                              SEE FULL STORY   The Smoke […]

Six Desserts Worth Leaving Your Blankets For

Six Desserts Worth Leaving Your Blankets For-Dining Chicago     It’s cold outside. If you’re going to go out to eat, it had better be delicious. Here are six desserts that are delicious. This time of year, it’s fine to be antisocial and picky about leaving your apartment. Netflix, pajamas, and delivery become the norm, […]

……New Delivery Options for the Colder Months . . . . ..…………………………..See Full Story . From teriyaki to bread, new food delivery options abound in Chicago. As the temperature gets colder, food delivery becomes that much more crucial. Fortunately, there’s always something delicious and convenient right around the corner, such as these new restaurant delivery […]

Valois and The Duck Inn: Brunch Bites

Valois and The Duck Inn: #Brunch Bites SEE FULL STORY   On a rapidly gentrifying street in Hyde Park, Valois stands strong. The casual, decades-old cafeteria is still hotter than ever, even when faced with the hyper popularity of froufrou brunches. A recent visit to this south side institution prompted an homage to one of […]

Sake Dinner at Izakaya Mita, Luau Thursdays: Weekday Planner

Sake Dinner at Izakaya Mita, Luau Thursdays: Weekday Planner   July Sake Dinner at Izakaya Mita Pro tip: the newly launched sake dinner series at Izakaya Mita is one of the best bargains in Chicago. For $60 per person, guests at this slick Bucktown eatery get several courses of Japanese cuisine paired with one-of-a-kind sakes […]

Drown Your Work Week Woes in Wine Wednesdays

Province and Nana are two restaurants offering their own versions of wine specials mid-week, helping ease the sting of the work week with potable bargains. Restaurants: Province, Nana Wine makes everything better, including Wednesdays. And droll work weeks. Restaurants know this and want to help you. Helping us all get over the mid-week hump, Province and Nana are two restaurants […]

Chicago’s Italian Americans celebrate

August in Chicago is full of celebrations of Italian-American heritage. Events include: Aug. 11–14: Taylor Street Italian Festival, Taylor Street and Ashland Avenue, Chicago. This Little Italy festival lines Taylor Street with booths offering a variety of Italian food, a wine garden, culinary presentations and four stages of continuous live entertainment including The Rat Pack […]

2011 St. Joseph’s Day Tables: Where to feast in Chicago

Chicago Roman Catholics will celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph this weekend with an array of charitable events. Here’s a list of St. Joseph’s Tables.