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Restaurants Cook Up Inspired Menu Themes

Restaurants Cook Up Inspired Menu Themes: Restaurants like Elizabeth and Chez Moi are embracing their theatrical side with fantastically themed menus.     Everyone loves a little fantasy. Even if said fantasy involves Medieval brutality. Actually, especially if the fantasy involves Medieval brutality. Fortunately, fans can indulge their sense of adventure and wonder from a […]

House 406 and I|O Godfrey: Brunch Bites

House 406 and I|O Godfrey: House 406 and I|O Godfrey In this week’s batch of brunch bites, House 406 launches brunch and things get musical at The I|O Godfrey.   The latest restaurant to hop aboard the brunch bandwagon is House 406, a Northbrook staple helmed by Stephanie Izard’s former assistant Jennifer Eisen and her […]

Food Fight for Scleroderma: 7th Annual

Food Fight for Scleroderma:   Culinary competitions are all the rage. Perhaps you’ve heard of a little food show that refuses to die called Top Chef? Cooking competitions are a lot more inspiring when the impetus is a good cause, rather than fifteen minutes of fame. This is precisely what the Food Fight for Scleroderma […]

Macarons at Sugar Fixe: Sweet of the Week

Macarons at Sugar Fixe:   When it comes to dessert and pastry trends, I suppose it was only a matter of time before we embraced the twee. First there was cupcakes, then there was doughnuts. We were due for a dainty reprieve, and I am all about macarons. I love them for their merciful lack […]

Friday Night Fish Fry, Slagel Farm Dinner, March for Kids: Weekend Planner

Friday Night Fish Fry: Friday Night Fish Fry at Kinmont Lenten dining and seafood go hand-in-hand. Especially on Fridays, when a lot of Lent-doers forgo meat. But meatless Fridays need not mean flavorless Fridays. Kinmont comes to the rescue with a new Friday Fish Fry series, running now through April 3. In partnership with the […]

Navigating Chicago’s Newest Restaurants

Navigating Chicago’s Newest Restaurants New restaurants open seemingly every day in Chicago. Add in the thousands upon thousands of other dining staples around town and you’ve got yourself quite the dubious task when it comes to navigating your dinner plans. You’d have an easier time keeping up with the Kardashians than with the spate of […]

First Taste: Nonna’s

First Taste: Nonna’s I take my eggplant Parmesan very seriously. Need I remind you about the come-to-Jesus moment I had upon eating a recent eggplant Parm sub in Chicago? It’s a food I hold especially near and dear to my heart, so I flip at the chance to try a new version when they pop […]

Navy Pier Beckons a Restaurant Renaissance

Navy Pier Beckons a Restaurant Renaissance: Navy Pier is beckoning a new dining era with a slew of fresh and forthcoming restaurant options. For years, Navy Pier served simultaneously as Chicago’s biggest tourist attraction and Chicago’s biggest cliche. What has long been tourist catnip has also been maligned as a local’s nightmare, riddled with unruly […]

Sunday Supper – Ramen Battle: Weekend Planner

Sunday Supper – Ramen Battle, and National Margarita Day   Sunday Supper at A10 Sunday supper is the new Sunday brunch. The latest spot to jump on the bandwagon is A10, which is now offering a new weekly supper special after 4:00 p.m., which includes a seasonal salad and meatball ‘n’ pasta combo served family-style. All this […]

XOCO Bistro: First Taste

XOCO Bistro: First Taste Rick Bayless has achieved demigod status in the restaurant world; he’s a chef who seamlessly commands a Mexican dining empire as well as respect and admiration from peers and diners near and far. In River North, Topolobampo and Frontera Grill are timeless keystones that draw customers from all over the country and beyond. […]