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David Lissner
for restaurants

Twinkies are back, less palatable than ever

Twinkies, the iconic, Chicago-born, creme-filled snack cakes, return to grocers’ shelves as of today under the auspices of the Hostess company’s new owners. We’ve no word yet whether restaurants such as Dick’s River Roadhouse in Mount Prospect, which formerly served deep-fried Twinkies, plans to add them back to the menu. The Twinkie revival comes to […]

Call for the corny

Attention chefs, restaurateurs, food scientists, academics and foodies: Are you seriously corny? The Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance wants to hear from you. The Chicago-based food-history group will host its sixth symposium Sept. 20 through 22 at the Kendall College School for Culinary Arts on Goose Island. The event will focus on Midwestern corn in all […]

What’s a Cronut and where can you get one?

Part doughnuts, part croissants, “Cronuts” are the latest culinary craze sweeping New York City. The baked goods debuted last month at Dominique Ansel’s, namesake SoHo bakery. The cult following for the limited-availability pastry has not only led to extensive lines at Ansel’s bakeshop, but also a black market peddling the authentic articles for up to […]

Award recognizes the top 10 clean eateries of Oak Park

They take cleanliness seriously in Oak Park. For 28 years, the village has annually honored the cleanest restaurant kitchens in town with the Johnson Restaurant Award, presented to establishments that consistently meet or exceed state food-safety standards. The award is named for Oak Park’s first lunchroom, the Johnson Restaurant, 124 Lake St., which operated in […]

Mario’s is open — it’s officially summer in Chicago!

Nothing says summer in Chicago like Mario’s Italian Lemonade. Open from early May to mid-September, Mario’s has been a Little Italy icon since 1953. Hot days will find long lines stretching out into the street waiting for slushy Italian lemonande and freshly roasted nuts. Everybody goes to Mario’s — if you want to see a […]

Aspiring young chefs: MTV wants you! Be a reality TV star

MTV plans to launch a new reality TV series, tentatively titled “Food School,” and you can star, as well as get a leg up for a culinary career. If you’ve always wanted to be a chef, here’s a weird way to start. Contestants in the show will live under one roof while being schooled in […]

Chicago: Cake capital of America? Congrats, Mark Seaman!

Dessert Professional recently named Chicago pastry chef Mark Seaman, Certified Master Cake Artist and chef instructor at The French Pastry School, one of the Top Ten Cake Artists of North America for 2013. Seaman’s previous honors include the Bronze and Silver medals, in 2003 and 2005 respectively, from the National Wedding Cake Competition. In 2007, […]

Floriole Cafe & Bakery Debuts Pizza Nights

FlorioleFloriole Cafe & Bakery Debuts Pizza Nights Cafe & Bakery Debuts Pizza Nights   Just when you thought Floriole Cafe & Bakery couldn’t get any better, they begin making pizza and take one step closer to usurping my life. That’s right, the city’s best spot for croissants, tarts, brownies, and so much more is taking on pizza, […]

Rev up your wit, get a free restaurant guide

Printed restaurant guidebooks, especially those published only every two years, can’t hope to keep up with the timeliness and breadth of online guides like, well, ours. But it’s handy sometimes to have a little pocket-sized book in the glove compartment, something that doesn’t require connectivity to access. So we like the little red Zagat. Then, […]

Lincolnwood’s Purple Hotel to get a revival

Lincolnwood’s iconic Purple Hotel will get a new lease on life, the Chicago Sun-Times’ David Roeder reports today. The hotel, once the bar mitzvah mecca of the north suburbs and home to the swanky T.J.’s restaurant, has been closed and under threat of demolition since 2007, after a long slide downhill from its 1960s opening […]