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David Lissner
for restaurants

Lollapalooza-inspired Dishes Take the Stage

Lollapalooza-inspired Dishes:  Lollapalooza-inspired Dishes: In case the rampant crowds and musical fever pitch hasn’t given it away, Lollapalooza is this weekend. One of the biggest outdoor concert events in the world, Lolla brings together hordes of musicians big and small for a three-day spree of jams in Grant Park. An event of this magnitude merits […]

Lunch is Served at Bread & Wine Restaurant

You love it for its bread. You love it for its wine. You love it for the adorable hybrid of restaurant/market, conveniently combining all your food needs in one off-the-beaten-path locale. Now there’s more to love about Irving Park’s Bread & Wine, as the eclectic restaurant begins lunch service this week. The neighborhood standby hones in […]