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7 PB&J Dishes and Drinks in Chicago

7 PB&J Dishes and Drinks in Chicago . . With back to school season in full swing, it’s a fitting time to think about some of the most nostalgic lunchbox items. This means none other than the classic PB&J. In honor of school season, here’s a roundup of some of the best PB&J-inspired items on […]

Fall Into the Chicago’s Newest Brunch Menus

Chicago’s Newest Brunch Menus: The latest and greatest brunch news in Chicago for Fall 2016. Chicago’s Newest Brunch Menus . . Chicago’s Newest Brunch Menus As brunch continues to dominate the world, there’s more and more spots serving the weekend meal throughout Chicago these days. From an expansion of a Soho House favorite to brand […]

Chicago Dessert

Chicago Dessert Sweet of the Week column . In the past, we’ve featured lots of Chicago desserts and confections, many of which have been highlighted in our ongoing Sweet of the Week column. But every once in a while, a dessert comes along that defies the norm, pushes the boundaries and commands attention well beyond the […]

FOODPHILES: Go Behind the Restaurant Scenes

FOODPHILES: Go Behind the Restaurant Scenes Deeming by the incessant fanaticism for food reality shows — shooting you a stink-eye, Top Chef — it’s no surprise that people love to watch food programming. There’s just something about getting behind the scenes with the people who prepare food that elicits awe and excitement. For something so […]

Sourdough Cinnamon Roll at Baker Miller: Sweet of the Week

Sourdough Cinnamon Roll at Baker Miller: Unlike most bakeries, Baker Miller goes the extra mile of actually milling their own grains to make everything from oatmeal and grits to chocolate chip cookies, pie, and cinnamon rolls. The added effort pays off in otherwise bulky desserts like that cinnamon roll, which benefits from the refreshing, airy […]

Italian Edition: Weekend Planner

Italian Edition: Weekend Planner November 14-16: No matter the time of year, there is always lots to do, eat, and drink in Chicago. Here are some of the hottest happenings this weekend.     Eat Panettone at Eataly Starbucks cups have morphed red, so you know it’s officially holiday season. And along with eggnog and […]

5411 Empanadas: First Taste

5411 Empanadas: First Taste: Empanadas will always have a special place in my carb-loving heart. My infatuation all started at Epcot, where one of my fondest Disney memories actually centered around the South American hot pocket. I remember exploring Epcot’s multifaceted food pavilion with my family, stopping in one of their South American restaurants (maybe […]

Chicago Best Pizza 2014

News: Chicago Best Pizza 2014 Have you looked at our picks for Chicago’s Best Pizza? Are we spot on or would you disagree? Chicago Best Pizza 2014 _ Chicago Best Pizza Best Pizza Chicago _ Thick Crust and Thin Crust, Vegetarian, Find Chicago’s Best Pizza, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park Pizza, Now’s the time to […]

Cooling Summer Sweets, The Definitive Guide

Cooling Summer Sweets: Cooling Summer Sweets With the Dog Days of Summer upon us, it’s imperative to cool down with warm-weather treats like ice cream, floats, and other summery sweets. Summer Sweets: If August lives up to its “Dog Days of Summer” moniker, we’re all gonna need some serious A.C. and ice cream in the […]

Farewell to Angel Food Bakery

Angel Food Bakery closed its doors and turned off the ovens for the last time on March 30. In my teens, when I was still naively enamored with Food Network, I would pore over the channel the same way many people obsess over Game of Thrones today. Although I’ve expunged most of my Food Network memories from […]