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David Lissner
for restaurants

It’s Dad’s Day. Let Him Do What He Really Wants

But honestly? If you left him on his own, he’d sit around on the sofa like Al Bundy with baseball on the tube all day. So, let’s rephrase that: Let Dad do what he really wants to do outside of the house.   You can start with brunch options tailor-made for him:   IPO. If you plan on […]

With the crossover appeal of ABC’s hit series “Nashville,” popularity of Taylor Swift and even LL Cool J’s controversial duet with Southern star Brad Paisley, country music is hotter than ever. No wonder Bub Cityjumped on the twangy trend when it opened late last year. Rich Melman’s spawn (R.J., Jerrod, Molly) reignited the 1990s Lettuce Entertain […]

Cheers To Chicago Craft Beer Week

(Photo: Half Acre Beer Co.)   Chicago’s always been a big beer town. All you have to do is stroll down any given strip in the city and you’ll see more sports bars than anything else. And while not everyone’s into the craft beer movement, it continues to gain ground each year. Also growing is Chicago […]

Where To Watch March Madness

There’s certainly no shortage of sports bars in Chicago, but when it comes to them serving up great fare the list gets so much shorter. We know you came for the games, monster-sized screens and seemingly endless choices for beer, but you can get that anywhere. And please, let’s just get beyond those wings and […]

5 new Chicago spots for brunch

With the arrival of fall, comes a slew of new brunch-focused spots serving homey and filling fare, but none is more exciting than Lincoln Park’s Morso, an ambitious project from Gaztro-wagon’s Matt Maroni. Made famous for his tireless efforts behind Chicago’s food truck movement, Maroni already has a strong foodie following for a rotating menu […]

Host the best bash of the summer

You don’t need loads of $$$ and celebrity chefs on speed dial to throw the perfect summertime party.

Summer’s coming … what will you be drinking?

  The blizzards. The residents fighting over parking spots. The hardcore wind storms blowing everyone down the street. What makes our brutal winters bearable is knowing that summer will eventually come. And with that comes warm and lazy days sipping cocktails alfresco. For those chilling on home patios, decks or balconies with friends, we came […]

The Grub Guide to What’s Hot: Doughnuts…

If you have to ask yourself “What magic are they putting in the batter at Doughnut Vault to convince customers to wait in 100+ people lines?” then you’ve probably been hiding under a bridge for the last few weeks or so. Owner Brendan Sodikoff (a former LEYE chef who also owns Gilt Bar and Maude’s […]

Where the insiders imbibe

One thing’s for certain: There’s no shortage of fun to be had when it comes to nightlife in Chicago. But the real insiders know to avoid the city’s most popular bars on the weekend. You’ll typically find the top toques and master mixologists out and about Monday through Wednesday at industry-focused parties. What’s cool is […]

These lo-cal cocktails will keep you trim

Josh Davis, the lead bartender at L26/SL Sports Bar in the South Loop Hotel, was tinkering around at work recently when he suddenly came up with the perfect cocktail for those watching their waistlines. His “Skinny Colada” is reminiscent of the “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel’s famed “Skinnygirl Margarita” with its lo-cal […]