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David Lissner
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Absolute Best 18 Steakhouses in Downtown Chicago

Here are the best 18 steakhouses in downtown Chicago. 

Chicago’s Union Stockyards helped build the city’s reputation as the place to go for beef. Since those early days of the city, that reputation has grown and though the stockyards are now gone, the renown of the city for serving the very finest red meat has continued to grow.

Because Chicago is so closely identified as a meat and potatoes town, our steakhouses are driven to deliver even greater levels of excellence because Chicagoans and those visiting Chicago expect the bet, and few could deny that the beef in this city is the best in the world. Great steak requires great chefs and knowing how to skillfully butcher and perfectly prepare a steak is an entrance requirement to the kitchens of Chicago’s steakhouse chefs.

You may visit Chicago for the many excellent restaurants, but you really don’t know Chicago until you sit down to enjoy a beautifully prepared steak.