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Harry Caray’s Restaurant: The House Of Hope

Harry Caray’s Restaurant: The House Of Hope

Harry Caray's Restaurant: The House Of Hope

Harry Caray’s Restaurant: The House Of Hope


Great piece in the blog about our towns favorite Italian Steakhouse Harry Caray’s and Grant DePorter.


HOLY COW! The famous words of the late great baseball announcer Harry Caray.  Recently the team at Chicago History sat down with the man who started it all with creating one of the best Chicago steak houses around, Harry Caray’s Restaurant.

Grant DePorter is his name and he is the CEO of the Harry Caray Restaurant Group.  He was nice enough to take us on a special tour of the first restaurant located 33 W. Kinzie Street, Chicago, Il.  This particular restaurant was opened October 23, 1987.  We began the morning walking into the iconic and historical restaurant just admiring all of the unique and amazing photos taken at the famous statue of Harry’s head.  Once greeted by staff we were quickly introduced to the man himself Grant DePorter.

The first leg of the tour was going down into the basement which was lined with photos as well as newspaper articles about none other than the famous 1920s Chicago mob member Frank Nitti.  The importance of this man is that the building in which the restaurant stands was built in 1895 and has a built in hidden room which was a hideout for the mobster during the prohibition era.  Along with a window to look through into this room, the basement also holds a safe which Frank Nitti himself used during that time.   …………. See the entire story