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David Lissner
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Be Grateful for These Grateful Dead Specials

Be Grateful for These Grateful Dead Specials

Grateful Dead Specials at Stan's

Grateful Dead Specials at Stan’s


The Grateful Dead’s “Fare Thee Well” at Soldier Field begets restaurant specials all over town.



The Grateful Dead is on some sort of huge farewell tour, a la Cher, but for real. The band is performing at Soldier Field July 3 through 5, and along with the epic performances, restaurants across town are serving up Grateful Dead specials to honor the legendary band.

Located a stone’s throw from Soldier Field, Brasserie by LM is perfectly positioned to celebrate the band. During the band’s tenure at Soldier Field, the French-accented restaurant will feature a few food and drink specials, including lamb sliders with mustard aioli; white bean burgers with dry chili rub, queso fresco, spicy mole, and romaine; pork belly burgers with bacon aioli; and “reconstructed”………CONTINUE: