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David Lissner
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Trend Alert: Vices Into Tea and Coffee Shops

Trend Alert: Vices

Trend Alert: Vices at the Virgin

Trend Alert: Vices at the Virgin


Let’s start with cigars. Although less harmful (and less illegal) than lighting up a cigarette or a joint inside a restaurant, cigars can now be found and purchased at a new downtown steakhouse and a new Humboldt Park coffee shop. For Prime & Provisions, a new steakhouse from the DineAmic Group.

Steakhouses aren’t the only ones getting into the cigar game. Prolific restaurateur Brendan Sodikoff is hopping aboard the bandwagon in an unlikely setting: his new Humboldt Park coffee shop. C.C. Ferns is a new cafe space located around the corner from his California Clipper. Along with the expected portfolio of caffeine (plus doughnuts), C.C. Ferns features an entire wall of cigars.

Speaking of morning provisions infused with liquor, I recently stumbled upon and inhaled a whiskey-infused scone from Caffe Streets.

Downstairs from the Commons Club, you’ll find Two Zero Three, a coffee shop that morphs handily into a wine bar once it becomes socially acceptable to do so.…………CONTINUE: