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Malted Barley Milkshake With Oatmeal Cookies at “Pop-up”:

Malted Barley Milkshake With Oatmeal Cookies:

Malted Barley Milkshake With Oatmeal Cookies

Malted Barley Milkshake With Oatmeal Cookies


Remember that pizza restaurant we told you about that was in the works from Rachel Post, former pizza pro at Floriole? Well things are coming along steadily, starting with her first pizza pop-up dinner last week at Baker Miller. It was literally the first taste anyone had of Post’s pizza prowess post-Floriole, and it’s good to see that our artisanal pizza appetites are in good hands. But beyond those exemplary pizzas she churned out using Baker Miller flours, there was a standout dessert that merits acclaim as well. Featuring vanilla malt gelato from Black Dog Gelato, oatmeal cookies from Baker Miller, and Post’s talented hands, this was a veritable A-Team of desserts, and a fitting finale for a successful pizza pop-up…………CONTINUE:  

Pizza Facts

Pizza, meal that carries its roots all from the ancient times of 1st millennia BC has managed to infuse itself into modern society of human race as one of the most popular dishes in the world. Its path through history was long and hard, eventually it managed to receive popularity and respect that it has today.

History of Pizza

The dish that we today call pizza has a long and interesting history. From its origins in the time immemorial, to the 16th century resurrection, all up to modern time world recognition, this article will try to describe all the major events which defined the pizza and gave it the popularity that it has today.

Pizza Timeline History

The modern pizza that we all known and eat today comes from the minds of Italian cooks. Here you can find the timeline of all major points in the history of this interesting dish, and the journey that his meal made from the ruins of Roman Empire to every corner of our world.

First Pizzas and Fist Pizzerias

Creation of first pizzas and pizzerias are remembered today as one of the most pivotal moments in the culinary history of mankind. Here you can find out more about how they provided important stepping stone in the popularization and expansion of this great dish across the entire world.

History of Focaccia – The Precursor of Pizza

As a precursor to pizza and one of the most respected and widely used bread meals in Italy, focaccia managed to have very impressive path through our history. Here you can find out more about this delicious meal.

History of Pizza in the United States

Pizza arrived in United States at the beginning of 20th century, but it managed to become national meal only after World War II. Here you can learn more about the influence that Pizza had on American public and the rest of the world.