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David Lissner
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First Taste: Oak + Char

First Taste: Oak + Char:

First Taste: Oak + Char (Broccoli)

First Taste: Oak + Char (Broccoli)

Oak + Char refines modern Midwestern dining in River North.


When rumblings of a new restaurant began formulating for the former Graham Elliot space, it seemed the restaurateurs were hell-bent on checking off every dining cliche in the books. There were the two random words strung together by a conjunction, in this case a plus sign. There was the “modern Midwestern” ethos opining on their website about Chicago’s melting pot neighborhoods and its rebirth from the Great Chicago Fire. There were the communal tables. There were small shareable plates. But then we learned that executive chef and native Midwesterner Joe Heppe had the mettle to back up the ethos, and in spite of some components of Oak + Char that appear to be trying too hard, it’s Heppe’s culinary handiwork and imagination that transcends the restaurant past cliche and into the upper echelons of…………CONTINUE:  



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