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Chicago Chef News

Chicago Chef News:

Chicago Chef News (Mike Sheerin Embeya)

Chicago Chef News (Mike Sheerin Embeya)


The restaurant industry is one of the most transient, with chefs pivoting around from kitchen to kitchen on a routine basis. With so much fluctuation and shakeups, the industry becomes a veritable Rubik’s cube, with new chefs moving in to fill vacated voids as they arise. Just in the past couples weeks, Chicago has experienced a tidal wave of chef changes, from seamless promotions to pastry chef switches and unfortunate departures. Read on for some insight into Chicago’s latest chef news:


Kymberli DeLost at The (Gage)

Kymberli DeLost at The (Gage)


Easily the most, uhh, scandalous news of late comes via Embeya. Recently, opening chef and part-owner Thai Dang was unceremoniously let go from the restaurant, which just so happens to be named after his childhood nickname. Pretty cold. The departure was swift and abrupt, met with several kitchen walkouts from cooks out of solidarity…………CONTINUE:  



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