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David Lissner
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Off Site Bar Dining, Forbidden Root Beer, Latin Dance at Prairie Grass Cafe, Lunch at Ani

Off Site Bar Dining, Forbidden Root Beer:

New Off Site Bar Dining

New Off Site Bar Dining


Daily Dining at Off Site Bar

New happenings are afoot by Longman & Eagle‘s executive chef Matthew Kerney, who’s implementing a new daily menu at adjoining Off Site Bar. Available starting at 5:00 p.m. nightly, the menu promises to change seasonally and conceptually, with the first iteration inspired by party snacks from the ’70’s. Dig into housemade beef jerky, smoked cocktail weenies with smoked cheddar-bourbon Mornay, deviled ham with cheese crackers, Swedish meatballs, oysters Rockefeller, and more.

Forbidden Root Beer Dinner

No better way to bolster your weekday than with a bevy of botanical beers. The boozy wares from Forbidden Root step into the spotlight at Belly Shack for a beer dinner on April 20. Brewed with ingredients like herbs, blossoms, stems, honey, flowers, and roots, Forbidden Root boasts a botanical slant with its unique beers, which should pair nicely with the zesty, eclectic cuisine at Belly Shack. Four beers will be sipped during the dinner, including Sublime Ginger Beer, Forbidden Root, Shady Character, and Divine Mud, along with dishes like BBQ beef brisket, smoked sausage, udon mac & cheese, baked beans with bacon, cheddar-jalapeno corn bread, cabbage slaw, and corn with curry mayo.