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Tax Day Dining Deals in Chicago

Tax Day Dining Deals in Chicago:

Tax Day Dining Deals in Chicago (Margaritas at Takito Kitchen)

Tax Day Dining Deals in Chicago (Margaritas at Takito Kitchen)


Love it or hate it, Tax Day is here. Eat your feelings by stuffing your face with food and drink bargains throughout Chicago.
Tax Day is a polarizing beast. The dreaded due date for tax filing means people are either excited for a rebate or depressed about having to pay the government a whole bunch of money. Either way, we all win when it means restaurants and bars are doling out discounted specials to help ease the burn of tax burden. Here are some specials to keep in mind for Tax Day on April 15.
Nothing takes the sting out of taxes like liquor. Especially margaritas. And especially when they are discounted to $4.15. The sweet, merciful nectar of tequila is front-and-center at Takito Kitchen and Bar Takito, where the stellar margs are discounted for Tax Day. Takito Kitchen offers a classic margarita, cucumber margarita, and caliente margarita, while Bar Takito features regular, cucumber, and Peruvian…………CONTINUE:  


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