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Burger News: Burger Wars, Burger Bar Menu

Burger News: Burger Wars

Burger News: Burger Wars (deca RESTAURANT)

Burger News: Burger Wars (deca RESTAURANT)

Rain or shine, cold weather or hot, cravings for burgers in Chicago endure. Unlike braised meats or pumpkin pie or fresh blueberries, burgers are a source of comfort all year round, and we can never get enough. Feeding our insatiable lust for ground beef are a couple new burger incentives around Chicagoland, from a new burger bar menu to a burger war smack down in the ‘burbs.


You love deca RESTAURANT + BAR for its unique, eclectic cuisine at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago. Now there’s more to love with the restaurant’s new burger bar menu, a temporary fixture running now through March 31. Think of it as one last comfort food hurrah before you have to think about bathing suits again. For the special new menu, the restaurant is offering five gourmet burger options, which span the spectrum from vegetarian to chicken & waffles (no joke). The cool thing about the burger menu is the fact that it was a kitchen team effort in constructing it, with several of the kitchen staff adding their own whimsical contributions to the mix. With so many offbeat options to opt for, there’s definitely something for every palate. The burgers include the Chef M’s Tasmanian Ocean.…………CONTINUE: 



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