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Steak News: Morton’s The Steakhouse and David Burke’s Primehouse

Steak News: Morton’s The Steakhouse

Steak News: Morton's The Steakhouse, Million Dollar Burger

Steak News: Morton’s The Steakhouse, Million Dollar Burger


Steak matches with wine and seafood in our latest batch of beefy restaurant news in Chicago.


Steak and wine go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or macaroni and cheese. Or surf and turf. This week’s steak report is all about steak synergy and the food and drink that accentuate some of Chicago’s finest steakhouses. Morton’s The Steakhouse is currently conducting a “Prime & Wine” special in the bar area, while David Burke’s Primehouse shines the light on steak’s nautical best friend, …………CONTINUE: 

Now through April 12, one of Chicago’s most seasoned steakhouse vets is offering a bargain on beef. For $39 per person, guests in the bar area can partake in the Prime & Wine special, a limited-time combo that features Morton’s Million Dollar Burger with a glass of prestigious Stag’s Leap Winery “The Investor.” Fun little fact: although today Morton’s is renowned for its fine steaks, the restaurant empire first broke ground for its crowd-pleasing


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