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David Lissner
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Edible March Madness

Edible March Madness

Edible March Madness  (Pinstripes)

Edible March Madness

March Madness is upon us, and beyond the college basketball court, restaurants and bars are getting in on the action with specials and promotions of their own.

For those who don’t follow college basketball with the ferocious vigor that sports junkies do, the words “March Madness” are nary more than seasonal jibberish. Unless of course the “madness” applies to food and booze, in which case bring on the hysterics! That’s some madness we can all get in with. With the annual hoops hoopla underway this week, here’s a handy guide to the best restaurants and bars in Chicago to watch March Madness. Or just to pig out while ignoring the television screens …………CONTINUE: 



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