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Aphrodisiacs in Chicago: Top Spots

Aphrodisiacs in Chicago:

Aphrodisiacs in Chicago @ Pearl Tavern

Aphrodisiacs in Chicago @ Pearl Tavern


From oysters to chili peppers, here’s where to get your fill of aphrodisiacs in Chicago.


Ah, aphrodisiacs. ‘Tis the season to coyly slurp oysters and slice into figs with a wink and a nod. These foods and others are said to possess arousing properties perfect for date nights and wooing partners. Regardless of how potent these things actually are in that department, they’re undoubtedly delicious, so we’ll take it. Here are some top spots in Chicago for indulging in aphrodisiacs. Oysters: Without question, oysters are the most famous aphrodisiacs, with zinc-heavy components that endear them to increased romance and even fertility. Plus I’m sure the act of slurping a raw oyster in front of your lover is a bit saucy-looking. One prime spot for oysters in Chicago is………………CONTINUE: