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David Lissner
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Lost Lake and Thank You: First Taste

Lost Lake and Thank You:

Lost Lake and Thank You

Lost Lake and Thank You


Venerable Land and Sea Dept. hitches their wagon to Paul McGee’s star for a bold new tiki bar and Chinese takeout concept on the edge of Logan Square and Avondale.

The trajectory of Paul McGee’s cocktail career over the past few years has been quite impressive. Criss-crossing the city, the bearded gent helped pioneer Logan Square’s dining and drinking scene, as well as Chicago’s craft cocktail landscape at large, with The Whistler. He then wowed everyone by decamping to align with Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, one of the biggest restaurant groups around, to open a subterranean, clandestine tiki wonderland called Three Dots and a Dash, a magical bar that feels like being roofied while on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And I mean that with sincere love. McGee’s move from Three Dots and a Dash was perhaps the most surprising of all; at the height of Three Dots’ success, hot on the heels of world-class accolades, McGee parted ways with the bar to team up with Land and Sea Dept., another superstar restaurant group (Longman & Eagle, Parson’s Chicken & Fish), and open a new tiki bar back in Logan Square. Lost Lake is tiki done his way, adjoined by a quirky Chinese takeout concept called (adorably) Thank You………………CONTINUE: