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David Lissner
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Tiramisu at Andy’s Jazz Club: Sweet of the Week

Tiramisu at Andy’s Jazz Club:

Tiramisu at Andy's Jazz Club:

Tiramisu at Andy’s Jazz Club:

Tiramisu at Andy’s Jazz Club

Chicago is a city with a sweet tooth, packed with unique pastries and desserts in every neighborhood restaurant and bakery for dining and snacking in Chicago. I’m a guy with a sweet tooth, so each week I’ll report on a different dessert you need to try. I mean, I’ll eat more than one dessert of course, but only one standout confection gets a shout out.



When it comes to classics, tiramisu and jazz go hand-in-hand. While the former is usually hard to take seriously in most any context, there’s just something so righteous about tucking into a wedge of tiramisu while swooning to smooth jazz in an old-school downtown club. It’s a piece of old Italy and a piece of old Chicago in delicious tandem. And that synergy doesn’t get any better than dessert at Andy’s Jazz Club, one of the best destinations for timeworn jazz in Chicago, complete with a sleeper hit of a dessert menu.………………CONTINUE: