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David Lissner
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Happy Chino Milkshake at Mercadito Counter: Sweet of the Week

Happy Chino Milkshake:

(Happy Chino milkshake at Mercadito Counter)

(Happy Chino milkshake at Mercadito Counter)



If there’s one ingredient I’m passionate about, it’s (aptly) passion fruit. There’s just something about the tangy-sweet, rainbow-bright fruit that’s irresistible to me. If I see it on a menu, I’m likely to order it. Not many ingredients can boast such influence over my life. The only unfortunate thing is that, since I don’t live in Hawaii, passion fruit dishes and drinks are woefully rare compared to many other things. And when they are available, it’s typically in the same formulaic types of preparations. All this being said, you can imagine my jaw-hitting-the-floor moment of glee when I discovered Mercadito Counter had passion fruit milkshakes whimsically dubbed Happy Chinos. One thick sip and you’ll be happy as well……………CONTINUE:




  1. Passion fruit
  2. Passiflora edulis is a vine species of passion flower that is native to Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Its common names include passion fruit, passionfruit, and purple granadilla. Wikipedia