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Primehouse Bar Bakes Up Holiday Market

Primehouse Bar:


Primehouse Bar Bakes Up Holiday Market

Tis the season for a lot of things. ‘Tis the season for egg nog. ‘Tis the season for shopping. ‘Tis the season for family. ‘Tis the season for the term “’tis the season.” Also, it’s the season for holiday markets, a glimmering beacon of hope and excitement amidst the stressful fray of family get-togethers, home cooking, and Black Fridaying. And no better holiday market than one oriented around desserts.

Jove T. Hubbard, executive pastry chef of David Burke’s Primehouse and gentleman whose name sounds like he should be a Clue character, has conceptualized a crafty new holiday market this season, running weekly from November 29 through December 20. Unlike many holiday markets filled with gaudy trinkets, this one is focused right where it should be: on sweets. The impending holiday market at Primehouse Bar serves as a showcase for Hubbard’s most adored holiday confections, each one directly inspired by holiday dessert memories and recipes……CONTINUE: