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David Lissner
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Snack in the Lap of Luxury

Lap of Luxury:

Lap of Luxury, ice cream sundae at The Langham

ice cream sundae at The Langham

Lap of Luxury:

Thanks to $260 chocolate and $1,000 ice cream sundaes, it has never been easier to snack like kings and queens.



You know those moments when your sweet tooth sets in but you also want to pretend like you’re a Hilton heiress? Well there are a couple new sweets in town sure to sate that expensive hankering. A far cry from your typical Hershey’s and ice cream fix, To’ak is making its Chicago debut with $260 bars of chocolate, while The Langham, Chicago’s Pavillion is slinging $1,000 ice cream sundaes.


Lap of Luxury:

First up, To’ak is not your average chocolate bar. Unless you also eat money by the $100’s and use diamonds as paper weights. Founded by Chicago native Jerry Toth and Carl Schweizer, the company boasts some of the world’s rarest and most divine chocolate. Because not only is each 50 gram bar cost $260 a pop, but they only made 574 bars for their first batch. So basically this is Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets on an elite scale…………CONTINUE:   



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What Exactly IS White Chocolate?

from: The Huffington Post


It doesn’t look like chocolate or smell like chocolate, and it sure as hell doesn’t taste like chocolate. That’s because it’s not chocolate at all. So really, it’s no wonder white chocolate is a controversial impostor; people either love it or they hate it, and there’s nothing in between.

White chocolate doesn’t qualify as genuine chocolate because it doesn’t contain chocolate solids (a.k.a. cocoa powder). White chocolate is typically made from a blend of cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, milk fat and lecithin — a fatty emulsifier that holds it all together.

If you’re on team White Chocolate, you can make it at home in the microwave from cocoa butter, powdered sugar and powdered milk. If you’re not, you can make something delicious and authentically chocolate — like this absurdly tasty chocolate cake. Whatever you do, make sure to have dessert today.