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David Lissner
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National Pumpkin Day, Portuguese Winemaker Dinner, and Kale Season: Weekend Planner

National Pumpkin Day:

               National Pumpkin Day                                                                                                        (Los Picarones at Tanta)

National Pumpkin Day(Los Picarones at Tanta)

n case you aren’t already pumpkin’d out this season, take heed that October 26 is National Pumpkin Day apparently. Rather than phone it in with pumpkin pie or pumpkin lattes (egad!), head to Tanta to try something more unique. The Los Picarones dessert is South America’s answer to pumpkin doughnuts, made by frying pumpkin and sweet potatoes together into toothsome, finger-licking fritters with spiced chancaca syrup. It’s the perfect antidote to pumpkin fatigue