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Apple Bucket List: Apples Are Rolling Onto Menus Faster Than

Apple Bucket List:

(Siena Tavern's apple pie gelato)

(Siena Tavern’s apple pie gelato)

Apple Bucket List:

This time of year, apples are rolling onto menus faster than Ichabod Crane’s head can fly off his shoulders. From savory dishes and desserts to cocktails aplenty, here’s everything apple-flavored that you should be eating and drinking this season.


Fat Rice: Anything Fat Rice does merits attention and excitement. Their latest beverage innovation derives inspiration from tiki culture in the form of their new Pie-Eyed in Polynesia cocktail. It’s apple cider like you’ve never tasted before, mixed with rum, sherry, Luxardo Maraschino, lemon juice, angostura bitters, Bittercube cherry bark and vanilla bitters, and a pickled crab apple garnish. It boasts local farm sources mixed with tropical undertones. It’s a win-win!

David Burke’s Primehouse: Green apples are the pome fruits of choice for the newest dessert at David Burke’s Primehouse, where green apple sherbet adjoins saffron cake, saffron sheep’s milk yogurt sauce, and apple chips for a refreshing, nourishing finale.

The Signature Room: Apple pie lends inspiration to the end all-be all of brunch dishes this season: apple pie pancakes at The Signature Room. Ascend 95 stories to feast on chef Cardel Reid’s pancakes strewn with roasted apples, creme anglaise, and whipped butter.


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