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David Lissner
for restaurants

Parlor Pizza Bar: First Taste

Parlor Pizza Bar:

(Parlor Pizza Bar's Brussel Shuffle pizza)

Brussel Shuffle pizza


The West Loop welcomes a sprawling new dining option for Ameri-talian food, pizza, sports-watching, and booze.

As much as I’d be inclined to deride a restaurant that lists “Burrata Be Kidding Me” as a menu item, the gimmickry of Parlor Pizza Bar comes as a bit of a welcome respite from the sceney hustle and bustle that inundates much of the West Loop. The juxtaposition of a silly, splashy, and chainy pizza bar directly across the street from Soho House, the chicest thing to happen to Chicago since Oak Street, pays for itself in amusement alone. For all the pratfalls of Parlor Pizza Bar, of which there are plenty, the restaurant fills a distinct and wholly necessary niche along the Restaurant Row corridor, and for that I welcome it…………CONTINUE: