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David Lissner
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5411 Empanadas: First Taste

5411 Empanadas: First Taste:

First Taste: 5411 Empanadas

5411 Empanadas (As delicious as they are cute)

Empanadas will always have a special place in my carb-loving heart. My infatuation all started at Epcot, where one of my fondest Disney memories actually centered around the South American hot pocket. I remember exploring Epcot’s multifaceted food pavilion with my family, stopping in one of their South American restaurants (maybe Brazil? That sounds right) for a snack. That snack was empanadas, marking my first foray into the delicacy. And it was love at first bite. Over the years in Chicago.…………CONTINUE:  


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The Concept

5411 Empanadas, in case you’re not acutely privy to South American dial codes, is a special homage to Argentina. The restaurant originated in 2009 as a food truck helmed by three Argentine expats and friends. It’s so named for its special adherence to Argentine traditions, seeing as 54-11 is the number you’ll need to dial when making a casual phone call to Buenos Aires