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Sweet of the Week: Panna Cotta at Pizza Rustica

Panna Cotta at Pizza Rustica

Chicago is a city with a sweet tooth, packed with unique pastries and desserts in every neighborhood restaurant and bakery for dining and snacking in Chicago. I’m a guy with a sweet tooth, so each week I’ll report on a different dessert you need to try. I mean, I’ll eat more than one dessert of course, but only one standout confection gets a shout out.

Panna Cotta at Pizza Rustica

Panna Cotta at Pizza Rustica


Panna cotta features prominently on the list of desserts I never order because they put me to sleep out of boredom, like a horse tranquilizer right to the neck. It’s generally hard for me to get excited about jiggly custard with the standard medley of chocolate, fruit coulis, berries, yada yada. But that’s not to suggest I can’t be wowed by an incredible panna cotta. In fact, when a good one comes along that I actually like, it’s all the more impressive that a chef/pastry chef is able to coax such flavors and textures out of something typically generic. I had such an ethereal experience capping off a recent meal at Pizza Rustica, a Lakeview restaurant that goes well beyond pizza with exemplary salads, fish dishes, pasta, and lots more. The biggest stunner of the meal, though, was the dessert, especially considering it was the course I was expecting the least from. Consider me a panna cotta convert.


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