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David Lissner
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Best Dining Bargains on the Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile can be a magnificent drain on your wallet, so here’s a guide to the best dining cheap eats along Michigan Avenue.

Best Dining at Doc B's

(Tuna sandwich at Doc B’s)

It’s no secret that unless you’re a Kardashian with spare millions to burn, the Magnificent Mile is one big budgetary nightmare. From store to store, the world-renowned shopping hub will suck you dry, chew you up, and spit you out if you’re not careful. Looking at you, five-story Burberry remodel. So between shopping relapses, it’s wise to budget your dining expenses so that you don’t starve and die amidst a heap of $500 gloves. From affordable pizzas to bargain wine bar bites, there’s lots of gems to be found along Michigan Avenue, best dining gems that aren’t measured in carats.

Your best dining tour starts towards the southern end of the Magnificent Mile, which starts where the Chicago River intersects, one of your best bets is The Purple Pig. Keep in mind that a meal here can easily escalate into trust fund territory if you get too loose with the wine, but as long as you approach with a sense of self control, you’ll be fine, and your wallet/purse will thank you. Your best move is to go with a small group of friends and split some smaller plates, like any of the antipasti (pork fried almonds and charred cauliflower are excellent), some eggplant Parmesan balls, and a bit of charcuterie and cheese. Spring for something a little heftier to round out your meal, like milk-braised pork shoulder or turkey leg confit.



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