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Date Spot: A Study, Top 10 Date Spots

Date Spot: Please go to Dining Chicago on Facebook and let us know your favorite places to date and breakup

Much is said of first date spots, even second date spots, but what about places to go for a third date, fourth date, and so on? Here is your definitive guide to ideal Chicago restaurants for dates one through 10, plus a bonus breakup spot.

Date Spot

Top 10 Date Spots

I blame Lady and the Tramp for ruining everyone’s perception of how first dates should go down. Spaghetti and meatballs is pretty much the worst idea for a first date. Because when you’re squiring someone, you don’t need to divulge the sloppy, saucy side of yourself. There’s a science to the dating and dining template, one that requires careful analysis of where you should dine and when. What’s the ideal restaurant for a first date? What about a seventh date? There’s a lot of confusion out there, and a lot of it has to do with those mangy Disney dogs. Here to help navigate the restaurant romance scene is a handy list of best date spots 1-10, plus a little something extra for when you need to sever ties in public. Print this out, post to your refrigerator, and let the dating begin.

First Date Spot

If you’re indulging the risk of going out with someone for the first time, keep it casual and non-committal. Cocktails are paramount here. For one thing, alcohol is the ideal wingman in that it makes any awkward scenario easier to tolerate. It’s also low-key and easily malleable, so you have the option to extend the evening into a drawn-out, boozy affair, or you can have one drink and nip it in the bud if it’s not working out for you. But for the love of god make it a decent bar with decent drinks. It shouldn’t be pretentious, loud, or overwrought, either. Drumbar is the perfect middle ground. It’s comfortable, chic, and sophisticated without being gaudy, too sceney, or too cumbersome. Not to mention the drinks are delicious, which could serve either as a nice distraction if your date is a disaster or a nice talking point if you actually give a damn.

Date Spot: Please go to Dining Chicago on Facebook and let us know your favorite places to date and breakup


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