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David Lissner
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First Taste: Grand Tour Chicago Restaurant

Roger Herring takes diners on an international tour of flavors with this new

Lincoln Square spot Grand Tour Chicago Restaurant.

Sweetbreads a la Thailand at Grand Tour Restaurant Chicago

Sweetbreads a la Thailand


I compare places to Epcot a lot. Eataly is the Epcot of Italian food, the Chicago French Market is the Epcot of West Loop lunch fare, Navy Pier is the Epcot of awfulness, etc. But Grand Tour really is the end all-be all of Epcot analogies. Much like Epcot’s expansive international food court melee, Grand Tour takes guests on an international tour with a menu that trots around the globe from Ireland to Jamaica, with plentiful stopovers in between. Each dish is wildly different, inspired by a distinct region of the world, and a meal at Grand Tour makes for an exciting adventure for the senses.


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