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Leghorn Chicken Sandwiches Is Open – Chicago Restaurant

Leghorn Chicken Sandwiches Is Open In Ukraniun Village

The team behind Element Collective (Kinmont, Old Town Social, Nellcote, RM Champagne Salon, Owen & Alchemy) debuts its first fast-casual concept with the arrival of a chicken-focused BYOB spot in Ukrainian Village.

Chefs Jared Van Camp and Sieger Bayer offer a menu spotlighting local and sustainable farmers’ and artisans’ products. It centers around a fried chicken sandwich that diners may order “pickle brined” or “Nashville hot,” breast or thigh, and on a bun or biscuit. It’s always served with house-made pickles.

Other options include rotating daily specials such as fried chicken skins, chicken fried fries and chicken nuggets. There are also daily specials of grilled chicken bowls and fried chicken tenders.

Leghorns are a heritage breed of chicken that first came to the United States in the mid 19th century and are named after the Italian town of Livorno in Tuscany. Due to their prolific capacity to lay eggs, they became the overworked stalwart of the vast commercial egg industry.

Leghorn (chicken)

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The Leghorn (UK /lɛˈɡɔrn//lɨˈɡɔːn/ or US /ˈlɛɡərn/ItalianLivorno or Livornese) is a breed of chickenoriginating in Tuscany, in central Italy. Birds were first exported to North America in 1828 from the port city of Livorno,[1] on the western coast of Tuscany. They were initially called “Italians”, but by 1865 the breed was known as “Leghorn”, the traditional anglicisation of “Livorno”. The breed was first introduced to Britain from the United States in 1870.[2] White Leghorns are commonly used as layer chickens in many countries of the world. Other Leghorn varieties are less common.