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Troquet Oscar Party, Birthday, Tasting and Carnival at Nacional 27

Oscar Party at Troquet:  Here are some of the hottest happenings this weekend.

No matter the time of year, there is always lots to do, eat, and drink in Chicago.

Do-Rite Donuts@ Troquet Oscar Party

Troquet Oscar Party

Oscar Party at Troquet

In honor of the 86th annual Academy Awards, Troquet is rolling out several Oscar-themed cocktails and opening up award predictions for guests. Available for $6 each, cocktails include The Oscar made with vodka, creme de cacoa, coffee liqueur, gold flakes, and Champagne; American Hustler made with peach-infused vodka, Triple Sec, and Champagne; The Wolf of Wolcott, featuring whiskey, Amaretto, lemon juice, and a sugar cube; and the Dallas Drinkers Club with tequila, orange juice, and a sugar cube. Additionally, guests in attendance on March 2 will be able to fill out a form with their Oscar predictions. Whoever makes the most correct guesses wins a $20 gift certificate.

Tasting Menus at Table, Donkey and Stick Oscar ParTroquet Oscar Party

Tasting menus are now available at Table, Donkey and Stick