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Chili Dog Chicago’s Best, Fries, & More

Get your chili and Chili Dog fix in honor of National Chili Day on February 27 here’s a roundup of top spots.

Best Chili Dogs

Chili cheese dog

here’s a roundup of top spots.

Apropos that National Chili Day falls on February 27, a time of year when we could all use a shot to the arm of spice and warmth. With so many renditions around town of chili and chili-based creations (looking at you, chili cheese fries), Chicago is a good place to celebrate National Chili Day and have a great Chilli Dog.  In honor of the heady holiday, here’s a roundup of top spots to get your chili dog fix.


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Chili dog

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chili dog is a hot dog that is served topped with chili con carne (usually without beans). Often, other toppings are also added, such ascheese, onions, and mustard. One popular variety of chili dog is the Coney Island hot dog, which, despite its name, originated in Michigan, not Brooklyn. A Coney dog is a hot dog piled high with chili, onions and mustard.[1][2][3] A Michigan dog is similar to a Coney, as is a Texas hot dog, which actually originated in Pennsylvania.[1] Chili dogs are also popular in areas that have large Mexican-American populations, such as California, Texas and Arizona. In California, regional chains such as Pink’s and Original Tommy’s specialize in chili dogs and chili burgers. A major difference between chili dogs in the Southwestern United States and Coneys is that Southwestern chili dogs have spicier chili and are served with brown mustard or no mustard at all, whereas Coneys have spicier dogs and are usually served with yellow mustard.