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Tacos for Strength is Stronger Than Ever

Tacos for Strength enters its fourth year at Mercadito, and 2014 promises to be its biggest and best yet, with culinary talents from all over the country contributing with their own taco creations for charity.

Tacos For Strength Patricio Sandoval

Patricio Sandoval


Matt Kirouac: Where did the idea for Tacos for Strength originally come from and why was it something you wanted to pursue?

Patricio Sandoval: Back in 2011, we were really exploring ways to collaborate with other chefs, whether it was a dinner, a special, etc. We also thought that partnering with a charity would be a great way not only to encourage chefs to participate, but also a great outlet for using our talents to give back to the community. Tortillas are such an integral part of Mexican cuisine and our menu at Mercadito (all of the tortillas we use for our tacos are housemade), and at the same time, they also offer a wonderful blank canvas for chefs to exercise their creativity!

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