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David Lissner
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First Taste: Mercadito Counter Mexican Deli

MEXICAN DELI IN RIVER NORTH:  Preview of Mercadito Counter Mexican deli, opening soon in River North.


Mercadito Counter Deli, Shrimp nachos

(Shrimp nachos)


In the next four or five weeks, Mercadito Hospitality will open its most casual endeavor to date, Mercadito Counter, a Mexican deli laden with a mash-up of Mexican and American wares in River North. While we’ve all been feverishly waiting to stuff our faces with Mexican hot dogs, chef Patricio Sandoval has been toiling away on recipes, coming up with the perfect amalgam of Mexi-merican dishes. He recently hosted a Mercadito Counter preview tasting below Mercadito at Double A. As the chef and Mexican native explains, Mercadito Counter affords him an opportunity to get creative with American dishes. Having cooked Mexican dishes for so long, however modern, the opportunity to cook nachos and hot dogs is an entirely new venture for him. Frankly, it’s nice to see a chef get excited about nachos and hot dogs. Here are some tidbits to know about Mercadito Counter:


(Shrimp nachos)