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David Lissner
for restaurants

Spice Up Winter With These Bottled Sauces

When your face is numb to winter, spice it up with one of these piquant bottled sauces from Chicago restaurants.

Hot sauces at Dia de Los Tamales

(Dia de Los Tamales’ hot sauces)

One dash of Angry Bull hot sauce at Grange Hall Burger Bar and you’ll be happy as a clam in chowder. The name makes it seem more abusive than it is, as Grange Hall’s hot sauce is less fierce than most. Modeled after Louisiana-style hot sauce, it boasts more tartness and sweetness than straight-up chiles and fire. It’s a nice, pungent addition to most burgers at Grange Hall or any of the egg-based dishes at breakfast, such as the quiche Loretta or the peasant-style baked eggs.