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David Lissner
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Sweet of the Week: Nutella Bar at Eataly

Nutella Bar
(Nutella bar eats at Eataly)

Chicago is a city with a sweet tooth, packed with unique pastries and desserts in every neighborhood restaurant and bakery. I’m a guy with a sweet tooth, so each week I’ll report on a different dessert you need to try. I mean, I’ll eat more than one dessert of course, but only one standout confection gets a shout out. Few guilty pleasures command a ravenous following like Nutella. It’s treasured by all, whether smeared on toast, in between a sandwich, atop a crêpe, frosted on a cake, or shoveled directly into your mouth with a spoon. My favorite recipe for Nutella has always been 1 spoon + 1 jar of Nutella + my mouth. It’s hard to beat Nutella in its purest, richest form, all by itself. So when word got out that Chicago’s Eataly would have the company’s very first Nutella bar, there was pandemonium. It’s a section of the store where naughty dreams come true a


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