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David Lissner
for restaurants

‘Tis the Season for Opulence With White Truffles At Restaurants

Snowflakes aren’t the only white things fluttering around these days. White truffles are in-season, and the lavish ingredients are lending an opulent hand to doughnuts, pizzas, and more.

White truffle doughnut

(White truffle doughnut in action at Do-Rite Donuts)

For those with money to burn and no people they care to spend holiday money on, then the $99 pizza at Balena is the perfect solution. This limited edition creation features an amalgam of Perigord black truffles, truffled mortadella and leek crema, shaved jamon Iberico de Belota, and Alba white truffles. Black AND white truffles? It’s like a black and white cookie, but substantially more expensive.