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David Lissner
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Black Friday Bargains in Chicago Restaurants

As the official start of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday can be a bit of a frenzy. That’s why you need proper sustenance. Thankfully, a number of Chicago restaurants are ready to roll out Black Friday promos.

Black paella at Tavernita

(Black paella at Tavernita)

Thanksgiving is coming up fast, in case you needed a reminder to feel stressed/excited. And with it comes Black Friday, everyone’s favorite excuse to go ballistic. The official start of the holiday shopping season is marred with frantic crowds and looting-like frenzies, so in order to prepare yourself for battle you’ll need to bulk up at a good restaurant. Also, apparently Black Wednesday is a thing. Fortunately, a number of Chicagoland restaurants are preparing Black Wednesday and Black Friday promos to help you beat the mobs. Here are several can’t-miss Black dining deals to take advantage of this year.


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