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Think Outside the Pie With This Pumpkin Bucket List at Local Restaurants

Pumpkin pie is all well and good, but there’s more to fall eating than pie crust. With pumpkins at their seasonal apex, here’s a roundup of some unconventional pumpkin creations on restaurant menus around Chicago.

 Pumpkin spice tiramisu at Three Aces

Everyone loves a good pumpkin pie. It’s quintessential fall comfort at its best, and rightfully so. The period of October into November is the acme of Dining Chicago’s pumpkin season, with a pumpkin version of seemingly every food and drink on a menu somewhere. Pumpkin-flavored fatigue, anyone? Keep things fresh with this guide to some of Chicago’s most crafty pumpkin creations, from a pumpkin tiramisu to pumpkin spice milk, pumpkin cocktails, pumpkin sticky buns, and lots more.



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