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David Lissner
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Levy Restaurants’ ‘Company Mom’ Eadie Levy, alav hashalom

Eadie Levy

Eadie Levy

Our condolences to the Levy family and Levy Restaurants on the loss of “company mom” Eadie Levy. Mrs. Levy died on Aug. 28 at age 92.

Levy Restaurants, which started in 1978 with a single deli, is now an international foodservice mega-company with company with more than 25,000 employees that runs everything from fine-dining spots such as Spiaggia to baseball-park concessions. In 1978, brothers Larry and Mark Levy launched D.B. Kaplan’s Delicatessen at Water Tower Place. Soon afterward, they started having trouble with customers complaining about the food.

So they called their mother. Mrs. Levy came charging in from St. Louis, toting family recipes for chicken soup and blintzes, and trained the staff on the preparation of the traditional Jewish menu items.

In 1986, the company opened her namesake eatery, Mrs. Levy’s Delicatessen, in the Sears Tower, where for Mrs. Levy presided over a menu of deli sandwiches, house-made soups and old-fashioned soda-fountain creations and greeted diners. Many of Mrs. Levy’s favorites are still on the menus of the company’s disparate restaurants.

Mrs. Levy never retired. Until just a few months ago, she could still be seen hostessing at Fulton’s on the River.