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Meet The Monarch’s New Executive Chef Michael DeStefano

Michael DeStefano

As far as cooking goes, Andrew has an inspiring creative mindset. He has discussed with me his process of creating new dishes, which I loved. To someone reading a description of a dish he might have created, you could look at it and wonder how on Earth he could come up with those flavor combinations. But if you understand the process of how he develops a dish and pairs flavors, you will see that nothing is forced for the sake of just being original. The flavors all work together in some way or another before anything even touches a plate.

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When Andrew offered me a job at Kith & Kin, he told me about his experience in the industry, and told me he could offer a lot of knowledge when it comes to food and cooking. But he told me the most important thing he would be able to teach me is about cleanliness and organization. And that extends from not only your work station, but to the walk-ins, your apron, and to the dish pit. Kitchens are fast-paced environments, so you have to move fast. But that shouldn’t mean sprinting. It means working efficiently. And if you want to work efficiently, you have to be clean and you have to be organized, both physically and mentally.

The third thing I learned from Andrew is to trust yourself and stand by your food. This was important to me in the growing process as a cook. You need to be confident in order to do this job. Don’t let the fear of making a mistake ever get in the way of your job. It is important in order to learn and get better.