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David Lissner
for restaurants

An Homage to Pigs in Blankets Hulking pig-in-a-blanket at Girl & The Goat Hulking pig-in-a-blanket at Girl & The Goat

Pigs-in-blankets and I go way back. Actually, most people could probably say the same thing. Right up there with deviled eggs and seven-layer dip, pigs-in-blankets are some of the most nostalgic and quintessentially Americana party snacks. Growing up, there was nary a family party without sheathed sausages (there is no way to word that without sounding racy), and I’m glad for it. They remain one of my favorite foods, but rather than hobnob at awkward family gatherings, I can just visit one of several restaurants around Chicago serving variations on pigs-in-blankets. From the more traditional party snack-esque versions to adaptations that are almost unrecognizable, restaurants are doing some whimsical things with blanketed pigs