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David Lissner
for restaurants

6 spots to celebrate eggs Benedict in Chicago

Bistro Margot eggs benedict

Oeufs Benedictes traditionnel at Bistro Margot, where weekend brunch includes two other variations and and a three-Benedict flight.

Today is National Eggs Benedict Day. April 16 is a silly day to have it — they should make sure it always falls on a weekend, because who has time to have eggs Benedict during the week? The brunch possibilities are much broader on Saturdays and Sundays.

Although it’s pretty clear, it dates from 19th century New York City, the origins of eggs Benedict are hazy, but whoever invented this dish of eggs blanketed in egg sauce was a culinary genius (or had shares in a chicken farm).

Here are some highly acclaimed spots to get your Benedict eggsperience this weekend:

  1. Bistro Margot, Old Town

  2. Tweet, Uptown.

  3. Tre Kronor, North Park

  4. M. Henry, Andersonville

  5. Jam, Logan Square

  6. Gaudi Cafe, West Town.