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David Lissner
for restaurants

Rev up your wit, get a free restaurant guide


Printed restaurant guidebooks, especially those published only every two years, can’t hope to keep up with the timeliness and breadth of online guides like, well, ours. But it’s handy sometimes to have a little pocket-sized book in the glove compartment, something that doesn’t require connectivity to access. So we like the little red Zagat.

Then, too, it’s fun to read what they’ve culled from comments provided by their vast array of local volunteer critics, who provide their best restaurant one liners in hopes of a little anonymous immortality and a free copy of the book.

You, too, can get a free copy of the 2014-15 edition. All you need to do is vote by April 28. Not so witty? Give it a shot. They’ll send you the book anyway.