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David Lissner
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Lincolnwood’s Purple Hotel to get a revival

Lincolnwood's Purple Hotel.

Lincolnwood’s Purple Hotel.

Lincolnwood’s iconic Purple Hotel will get a new lease on life, the Chicago Sun-Times’ David Roeder reports today.

The hotel, once the bar mitzvah mecca of the north suburbs and home to the swanky T.J.’s restaurant, has been closed and under threat of demolition since 2007, after a long slide downhill from its 1960s opening as part of the Hyatt chain.

According to Roeder, developer Jake Weiss suggests the hotel, purple bricks intact, and complete with expanded banquet facilities, could reopen as soon as mid-2014. No word yet on who would run the catering operations or whether a restaurant would be included.

The landmark structure got its unique color at the request of Hyatt’s A.N. Pritzker, architect John Macsai, now 85, told Roeder in an interview last spring.

Throughout the 1980s, the colorful hotel hosted annual science-fiction conventions. It was also the site of a famous mob slaying, when Teamsters’ attorney Alan Dorfman was shot eight times in the parking lot in 1983.