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Carlo Lamagna Pops Up in Evanston With “Twisted Filipino” Cuisine

by Matt Kirouac

Carlo Lamagna is the latest chef to pop-up at Evanston’s clandestine Company, a small dining space designed spefically to host chef pop-up events and showcase under-the-radar talent. On April 8 and 9, the Perennial Virantsous chef will embrace his heritage via a “Twisted Filipino” dinner. The beauty of Company is that it affords all chefs the opportunity to do their own thing or something they’ve always wanted to do but have not had the chance. “I always wanted to help bring Filipino food to the public eye and what better way then to take advantage of this awesome opportunity from Company,” says Lamagna. “I believe that Filipino food is on the same level as any other cuisine in the world and can also be elevated with the right understanding of the culture and food.” This is precisely what he aims to achieve with his “Twisted Filipino” pop-up. SEE MORE