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David Lissner
for restaurants

On St. Patrick’s Day, skip green beer — drink Passover wine



If you think kosher wines are just sweet, dark, heavy fluids produced by Manischewitz or Mogen David, think again. Kosher wines now equal some of the best vintages in the world.

Taste for yourself from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, March 17, when Hungarian Kosher Foods in Skokie hosts a free pre-Passover tasting of more than 50 kosher wines. During the tasting, the store will offer 10 percent off on regularly priced bottles of wines plus an extra 5 percent off on cases.

Both mevushal (pasteurized) and non-mevushal wines are available. (Kashruth trivia: Non-mevushal wines — usually more costly, imported wines — may not be poured by a gentile, or they become unkosher.) Champagnes, sherries and vermouths feature along with whites and reds from Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, Israel, the U.S. and more.

But if syrupy Mogen David is still your tipple, they have that too. No green beer, though, despite the date. Beer isn’t kosher for Passover.